Original Polar Shiitake

Shiitake mushroom

Shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes) is regarded as a delicacy in the Far-East. In Japan shiitake is valued for its properties.

At one time, in Japan, Shiitake were considered the ”gentlemans mushroom” and the ”common people” were not permitted to eat them. The name shiitake comes from the Japanese word shii, which is a type of wood species in Japan and take means mushroom, so shiitake means wood mushroom. In Finland shiitake is growing from processed broad-leaf deciduous tree pulp logs. The method was developed by the Finnish Government Technical Research Center in the 1980`s.

Polar Shiitake Ltd are harvesting ORGANIC mushrooms. This is made possible because the eastern part of Finland is so sparcely populated. Rigorous cold winters effectively cleanse and guarantee clean, high-quality raw-materials from the local forests.

We can compare shiitake to chantarelle or trumpet shaped chantarelle. As a mild mushroom it is suitable also for those who do not use them so much. Umami is a feature of the shiitake which strengthens the food´s taste and makes a meal healthy and delicious.

Each shiitake mushroom has its own appearance. The mushrooms cap colour is dark or light brown and on the edges and towards the centre there can be white spots.

The smell of Original Polar Shiitake on the frying pan is a delicious mushroom smell, which gives inspiration to culinary enthusiasts.

From shiitake you can use the cap and the leg. You do not have to boil before use.