Original Polar Shiitake

Using shiitake for cooking

Shiitake is as suitable for everyday eating as it is for a banquet, and it is easy to use for preparing various dishes. Mainly, cook shiitake on the pan with a mild heat until the liquid is evaporated. Shiitake is better known for its uses in sauces and soups but shiitake is also suitable as an accompaniment and a constituent. Many are surprised by how good and fresh the shiitake aroma is, for example, to makaroni, cauliflower, meat-stuffings and poultry dishes.

You can freeze shiitake mushrooms in a home freezer, the smaller size need no preparation while the larger need to be sliced.. When you use freezed mushrooms put them straight to the pan. Do not thaw them. Allow the extra liquids to evaporate.

Dried shiitake can be used for example in soup, sauces and potmeals. Shiitake powder is suitable in all cooking where powder is used to give taste. Also, it can be used to sweeten cakes, pies and buns.

10 grams of dried shiitake mushroom is the equivalent of 100 grams of fresh mushrooms.

Shiitakesalad can be used as it is, or in the preparation of delicious soups or sauces. The same applies for baking. You can easily use it to prepare a delicious mushroom pie, or you can use it as a filling for meat or fish, only your imagination is the limit.